In Mental Health Crisis?

Call: 1-888-757-7766

Hastings County After Hours for Homelessness 

Call: 1-877-528-9514

In Mental Health Crisis

Call: 1-888-757-7766

Hastings County After Hours for Homelessness Emergency Contact Number

Call: 1-877-528-9514



Providing Transitional Housing

We provide transitional housing that can bridge the gap between homelessness and safe affordable housing.  Rent is charged according to Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rental allowance rates.

Individuals in our transitional housing program will be provided with the opportunity to work with a ECMH counsellor bi-weekly on goals such as securing safe affordable housing, obtaining personal documents and finding employment.

We have a total of 20 beds in designated male and female houses.

Vacancies are filled on a first come first serve basis and the length of stay is conditional upon the individual’s efforts to achieve their goals.

People who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, with the ability to live in a communal environment and respect the rights of other individuals can qualify for this program.

Housing provides safety, opportunities and an address. Many resources cannot be accessed if you don’t have an address.

Opportunities for accessing employment and personal growth resources are also part of ECMH transitional housing through other programs offered by our agency.

Anyone can be referred or refer themselves to the program. However, the potential individual must contact our Housing Program Manager to determine if they are a suitable fit for the program by setting up an intake appointment.

Referrals are made by calling ECMH at (613) 969-8874.

Partial funding for this program is in part with United Way, Hastings & Prince Edward.

Hasting County After Hours for Homelessness Emergency Contact Number


The After Hours line is live at 4:30 pm to 8:30 am Monday – Friday, including weekends and all holidays.

Support Our Transitional Housing Program

We rely on fundraisers & public support for the maintenance of our transitional homes as well as the provision of fresh bedding and supplies for our tenants who often arrive with none.