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In Mental Health Crisis

Call: 1-888-757-7766

Hastings County After Hours for Homelessness Emergency Contact Number

Call: 1-877-528-9514


About Us

The Enrichment Centre for Mental Health, is a non-profit agency that strives to enhance the mental wellness and quality of life of people in our diverse community.

Through our direct services, education, advocacy and consumer involvement we work together to create an environment that supports mental well being.

We Believe

  • All individuals have a right to freely choose and fully participate in all aspects of community life.
  • Through consumer involvement, we create an environment that supports individual well being.
  • We have a responsibility to contribute to an environment conducive to mental wellness.
  • Each person is unique and valued as an individual in our community.
  • People have a right to receive services and support in their own community.
  • By building community support we contribute to individual mental wellness and community well being.
  • The community must work collaboratively to meet the basic needs of its members.

Our Mission

To promote mental-health wellness and community integration, we provide services offering hope and support to the people in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties through advocacy, education and transitional housing.

The Enrichment Centre for Mental Health is a provincial charitable organization with a community focus. Our mission is achieved through public education, social action, advocacy, research and policy development – as well as our programs and services. Whenever possible we carry out our activities in partnership with other organizations and individuals.

These fundamental and shared values are at the heart of the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health’s mission. They unite us and provide inspiration for the organization’s goals. An organization is strengthened when these values and beliefs are reviewed from time to time – reaffirming that they are in fact guiding the organization.

Values of Community

  • We value social justice.

We believe that social justice includes a commitment to a basic sense of fairness, a respect for differences among people, and that every human being deserves an equal opportunity in life.

  • We value individual and collective responsibility.

We believe that both individuals and society as a whole share in the tasks of informing the public, eliminating causes of mental illness, and caring for those individuals who need or want care.

  • We value access to appropriate and adequate resources/supports.

We believe that people require friendships and other natural supports.  When formal supports are needed people should be able to choose the least intrusive option from a comprehensive range of appropriate mental health programs and services, without undue delay, and as close to their home community as possible.

  • We value self-determination.

We respect differences among people and the right of every individual and community to make choices and decisions based on unique individual beliefs and community norms.  Basic to this right of self-determination is the need of people to be involved in decisions that will affect their lives.

  • We value community integration.

Community integration of all people is an essential prerequisite to the development of healthy communities.  We are committed to removing the barriers that prevent people, especially those with mental disorders, from full participating in the life of the community.

  • We value integrity.

We believe that our day-to-day work must be true to our shared values and beliefs, and dedicated to promoting public trust and a sense of confidence within the organization.

  • We value partnership.

Partnership is dependent upon shared values and the cooperative efforts of all those working towards a responsive and accessible mental health system.  One important partnership includes consumer/survivors, families, service providers and the community.  We are committed to sharing, and to viewing participation as essential to realizing our goals and objectives.

  • We value excellence.

We are committed to developing and maintaining the highest possible standards of management and operation to ensure that programs and services meet the needs and expectations of the community.

  • We value accountability.

We are guided by our shared mission, values, goals and objectives.  As a publicly funded charitable organization we are committed to using our funds as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to bring open to the highest standard of public scrutiny.

  • We value creativity.

As an organization we must encourage innovative ideas and new ways of doing things that are responsive to changing attitudes and needs in the community as well as to ongoing organizational changes.