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We understand your unique challenges and we are now offering one-stop, no-cost, employment services, including:

  • A safe, open-minded environment to explore your goals and needs
  • One-on-one support with an employment specialist who will work with you in reaching your employment goals
  • Job readiness training
  • Job matching and employment placement opportunities
  • On the job coaching to help you maintain employment
  • Access to Thrive portal to help assist you in your job search

You are eligible for employment support if you are:

  • A resident of Ontario
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Currently unemployed OR currently in non-competitive (employment that pays below minimum wage) employment and currently not in school full-time
  • Living in the catchment area composed of Prince Edward County or the southern portion of Hastings County below the village of Tweed.

Benefits of Work

Working while you are balancing your mental health provides a number of benefits, and can play an important role in your recovery.

Work can:

  • improve your quality of life and wellbeing
  • give structure and routine to your day-to-day life
  • contribute to your sense of meaning and purpose
  • promote opportunities for social inclusion and support
  • provide financial security

Barriers to Working While Supporting Your Mental Health

Depending on your circumstances, certain factors can make it difficult for you to stay at work, or return to work after an absence.

These may include:

  • reduced self-confidence due to your mental health
  • being worried that workmates may find out about your mental health without your permission
  • stigma associated with mental health, and fear of possible discrimination
  • uncertainty about the type of assistance available to you
  • concerns that workplace stressors have not been addressed


Here at the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health we take great pride in working as a cooperative model of care.  We work together as a team, dedicated to ensuring our clients best employment outcome.  We also love building relationships and working with our employers to create a healthy workplace enriched with diversity to ensure the employers success.

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This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Our Supported Employment Team

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Joan Gauthier

Data Coordinator

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Terry Snider

Terry Snider

Supported Employment Specialist

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Lee Marchildon

Lee Marchildon

Supported Employment Specialist

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Laura McDonald

Laura McDonald

Supported Employment Specialist

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Sue Mills

Outreach & Retention Specialist

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