This is our collective thank you to the community’s financial support last year on June 16th, 2021 – Maurice Rollin’s Day of Remembrance.  Gifts made in memory of Maurice were matched by the Maurice & Marilyn Rollins Foundation and gave us the ability to provide Community Counselling & Support and Wellness Groups for one year free to those who needed the support.

Individuals supported by the agency have shared the impact of the gifts from the heart made in memory of Mr. Rollins, which could not have happened without you. If you feel so inclined to support us again this year, please visit our Donate page or donate to the United Way….or Belleville General Hospital Foundation – other charities of hope close to Maurice.

 A very special thank you Aaron & Angela Bell from Lot 48 film for working with us on this heart project.

Aaron signed up for our Community Counselling program after the pandemic hit and he found himself struggling with his depression.  He has since completed the GIFT program and after completing his two week placement feels a real sense of hope moving forward.

Beth was a participant in our Community Counselling and Transitional Housing programs and was able to get the support she needed from ECMH to move forward towards employment.

Ryan was a participant in our Community Counselling program and shares the impact this program had on his anxiety, depression and anger.

Amelia was new to our area and looking for a sense of community and belonging when she signed up for our Strong Women Rising program.  She left the program feeling empowered and more optimistic about her future.

Lisa was a participant in our Anxiety & Depression Support Group and has recently completed the new GIFT program.  She has gained the confidence to re-enter the workforce and is working as a weekend receptionist.

Erin & Maggie were participants in our Suicide Bereavement program to support their father but realized how much they needed to express their feelings of pain as well and learn how to carry the burden of grief.