THANK YOU to the organizers of the Alex Sagriff Memorial Golf Tournament for their incredible donation to the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health today!! We were grateful to receive $8000.00 from George Johnson, Allyson Tufts & Jim Sagriff in honour of Jim’s daughter & Allyson’s niece.

“Alex is in our hearts and minds always. Thank you for letting me honour her and letting everyone remember the love Alex had for life and family and friends ! She lived her life to the fullest and feared nothing!! Love you Alex !” – Jim Sagriff ?

Videos from the 2nd Annual Alex Sagriff Memorial Golf Tournament held on August 13 & 14, 2021.

Special Thanks from Jim Sagriff:  

I would like to say one last thank you to everyone. This day does not happen without all the volunteers and dontions and prizes supplied by generous businesses and friends ! Also, a huge thank you to all the golfers that came out and laughed and enjoyed the day! You brought the fun and generously took part in raising funds as well. To Trillium Wood.. I can’t say enough about the support, hard work and generally, how helpful everyone was in making sure everything ran smoothly both days… even when the rain poured down Friday night! Steve and Kyle, your team are very professional and were very accommodating in every way! Thank you.

It is very special that we get to honour my beautiful daughter in a way that everyone can participate in a great couple days! To Long Range Hustle thank you for coming and playing. You guys were amazing! We appreciate you offering your time and talent to entertain the golfers. Nobody wanted to go home!

To Shari and Leah and George ,this day doesn’t happen without you and all your hard work! Thank you ! Lauren Cook, thank you for putting together the 2 videos and Sophie Cook for taking photos to remember all the fun moments and people who participated. They are great!

To Karen, Ryan and Zach, this day and everyday is a constant struggle to get through without Alex. She is in our hearts and minds always.