Local mental health centre kindness fundraiser focus on homelessness

Over 35,000 Canadians experience homelessness every day, leading to over 250,000 Canadians a year who are homeless.  On March 7-12 Loyalist PR students are partnering with the Enrichment Centre here in Belleville to raise money to grow and support services especially homeless programs locally.  From March 7-12 the Enrichment Centre challenges the public to small acts of kindness.  We never know what someone is going through, and kind little acts could make someone’s day.  Little challenges will be uploaded daily to our Facebook page.  All members of the public can participate by using our #enrichkindness to tell us your act of kindness for the day! 

 The Enrichment Centre for Mental Health here in Belleville is a not for profit agency whose goal is to support and enhance mental health quality in our diverse community.  They offer an array of services from job support and training, community counselling, along with transitional housing for homeless individuals.  The centre is an advocate and educator to the community on mental health issues while also providing support to so many individuals.  As a community we need to support one another and services that can assist our underhelped neighbours.  During the whole week of March 7-12 you can donate to this Canada Helps page.   All donations go directly to the Enrichment Centre which allow them to group their services and help even more people locally.

We want to take time to reflect on this issue and bring awareness to something that so many people just overlook.  The Loyalist PR team will be staying outside for 1 hur shifts for 12 hours to bring awareness to this issue.  We are a fortunate country and too many people are experiencing homelessness.  By staying outside as a team for 12 consecutive hours we hope to shed some light on this highly important issue.

Join us March 7-12 by completing small acts of kindness and donating to the Enrichment Centre to give back locally.