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Founded in May, 2015

The Centre of Hope is dedicated to providing community counselling, education and group support.

*operates in space within the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health offices

The Centre of Hope’s creation was made possible through the proceeds from Maurice Rollins’ biography “The Remarkable Journey of Maurice Rollins”* — written by Belleville’s Orland French.  

Maurice Rollins chose to support the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health and the Centre of Hope because of his own 30-year battle with mental health issues.  The philanthropist noted his book shows what can be accomplished when one suffers from and deals with mental-health issues.  “That’s why I wrote the book and we got that money out of it.” 

*copies of “The Remarkable Journey of Maurice Rollins” are available for purchase at the Enrichment Centre for Mental Health

Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to fundraise for continued operations of the centre at this time, please consider a one-time or monthly donation towards continuing Mr. Rollins vision for ‘a place for all to gather’ and seek support in their mental health journey.

The demand for community counselling has increased substantially,

at a time when funds are at an all time low.

Please contact Sandie Sidsworth at 613-969-8874 to discuss how your gift could be used for those seeking support.  Corporate giving opportunities are also available.


Donor Information Form

Donor Information Form MUST be completed in order to receive a charity receipt. 

Payment Options:

1) Online payment with a credit card using the DONATE ONLINE button.

2) Calling our office at 613-969-8874 to provide your credit card information so that our staff can process your payment manually.  

3) Drop your payment off in person, or mail cheque to:  Enrichment Centre for Mental Health, 250 Sidney St., Building 59, Belleville, ON  K8P 3Z3

Your donation will support programming to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness.